Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day at the Park

A day at the park? Maybe more like closer to an hour... Yesterday, Susan invited me to go with Mikey and her to the park. We have several around here and the one she chose just happened to be Mike and David's old stomping grounds. This park has been converted from University Country Club, that included an 18-hole golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts. Now don't get me wrong...this was not one of those hoity-toity country clubs. It was very family-friendly and the fact that G-Ma lived right across the street from it and was an avid golfer made it super easy for them to take full advantage.

But anyway, back to the park. When the club was sold (by some very dear friends, I might add), it was renamed to Blue Cypress and converted to a 9-hole golf course, a playground, a hiking trail and I think there's even a boat ramp to the St. John's River.

So off we went. We were probably there for less than an hour but it was plenty of time for Mikey to get his face dirty, learn how much fun a slide is, play with a basketball, pick up pieces a trash in the mulch - you name it - he did it. So here are a few pictures...I think they speak for themselves. (And by the way, while I was trying to take pictures, he wore his Mom slap out!!!!
In D-Ma's car...where am I going?

And this is my he is, 2 days past 18 months old and he's found a friend. This sweet little girl - she seemed like she was there by herself - went down the slide a couple of times next to him and then put out her hand to that sweet or what????


Lianna Knight said...

TOO cute!!! I'm glad you guys had fun...I miss him, I haven't seen Mikey in FOREVER!!!

Kim M said...

I just read your "you know you are old when... on the Riggs blog. I have always used the term "mother-in-love" and "daughter-in-love" too. You are the only person I have heard use it also. It says much of your relationship.
God Bless