Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday the 13th...

Okay...I admit it...I was so consumed with my Valentine's Day gift and my new look that I totally neglected sharing our Friday the 13th "Bunco" night. I highlight "Bunco" because it's literally been months since we have actually played "Bunco". We have been playing a game called "LCR". Silly no brainer game...requiring no more skill than Bunco. But so much fun...

The good part about this game is that we all sit at the same table. With Friday being the start of the Valentine's Day weekend, hearts and the colors pink and red dominated the decorations. Aren't those the cutest placemats. I tried to figure out a way to smuggle them out, but I guess I'll just have to spring for them myself next year...

Anyway, the hostess always provides the meal and this month we were treated with some delicious chili and awesome broccoli cheese soup. I can't wait to get those recipes to share with you.

And so here are this month's winners!

Babs - the hostess with money? Ha!

Melissa - the hostess' convenient! Ha!

Brenna - my absolute favorite "niecester"...very long story - if you need the definition of a "niecester", please email me...way TMI to share here!

And our 'final' winner - Melody - the hostess' first-born and my BFF - someone everyone should know (and you probably already do...she doesn't know a stranger)...Ha!
We did play one more game but for some reason the cameras didn't come out...Melanie, our newest member of the group was the big winner. Sorry, Melanie...we'll catch ya next time!

And in case you didn't notice, it is a requirement that if you win, you stuff the dollar bills down your shirt! We had such a good time as you can see...'cept I didn't win...boohoo!

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