Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose

My heart is so saddened today. Apparently April Rose is just a figment of someone's imagination or her story is, at best. I really don't know how many readers I have or where you've come from, but it seems that everyone I read has been following the story of April Rose as I have. It seems that the whole thing was a hoax and it hurts to have invested so much of my heart into them and now have it turn out this way. I prayed for them, I participated in His Will Wednesday every week...hard to believe that even HWW might have just been a ploy.

There is a joint post by Raechel (B's friend, or so she thought), Angie (from Bring the Rain) and Jennifer ( aka MckMama) . Together after much soul searching and praying, they now believe that it WAS all a lie. No one understands the whys...no one really knows what parts may or may not be true.

But whatever prayers we have lifted up for "B" (Beccah), "D" (Dan) and April Rose over the past few months, we need to continue. Just pointed in a different direction as it is quite evident that they are in desperate need for divine intervention.

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