Monday, May 4, 2009

A Friend in Need....

Please lift your hearts for one of my best friends, Patty. She lost her job a few months ago after being with the same company for 18 years! Doesn't anyone in the world show any loyalty anymore? Okay, that is definitely another topic!

Anyway, she has been unsuccessful in her attempts of finding a new job and not for the lack of trying. This is itself is very depressing to her among the usual trials and tribulations of daily life.

She currently lives in North Carolina but both her children live out of state. She has no support system where she is and has come to a decision to move to Colorado where her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live. She has no prospects out there other than the fact that she will have the support of family.

To add salt to the wounds, the health insurance that she currently is able to carry from her former employer under COBRA, is not offered in the state of Colorado. So she is trying to secure medical coverage from whoever will give it to her. I phrase it that way because she had open heart surgery to replace a heart valve several years ago and insurance companies don't take kindly to those kind of pre-existing conditions.

She is at the end of her rope and I personally feel like she has made the right decision even though this move is going to be extremely trying, not to mention, exhausting.

Again, spread the word and give a shout out to Man upstairs for my good friend!

Thanking the blog world so much from both Patty and me!

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Lianna Knight said...

Praying for your friend...goodness is coming SOON!!