Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching Up...

A week or so ago, I was in the mood for some spicy food and this is what jumped out of my pantry and refrigerator!

I started with seasoning the chicken strips with chili powder and browning them in a little olive oil. Then I added lots and lots of jalapenos!

Then I mixed in a can of spicy hot FAT-FREE refried beans and a can of Ro-Tel HOT tomatoes and chiles. I dished it out with the Uncle Ben's Spanish Rice (Ready Rice in a microwavable bag - how awesome is that?!) on the side.

It was so good and just what I was craving that I've already made it again since then! This time I mixed the rice right in with good! I don't have a name for it but if you come up with one, let me know!

Moving on...

Last Sunday on Mother's Day, I spent the afternoon over at Mike and Susan's house along with David, Susan's mom and of course, little (not so little anymore) Mikey.

Susan started a new job probably a month or so ago and her chef asked her if she wanted to borrow his kid's bouncy house for the weekend. Well, there was no twisting of arms going on there...of course she said of course!

How fun is this?

This bouncing thing is fun!

Let me check out this slide!

Oops...gotta remember to hold those feet up...almost did a header!

Do it it again!

(This kid has the strongest toes in the nation!)

Getting set...

And down I go...

Time for bubbles!

In your face Uncle David! ha!

And finally...

I couldn't let this opportunity go by without sending you over to Be Thou a Knight for another Vera Bradley giveaway! Check out this backsack...I can think of so many things I would use this for! And the pattern is gorgeous!

The deadline to enter is Friday, May 22nd, so don't be left out. Click on over and get your entries in!


Annell said...

Well, I don't know what you would call that dish, but sounds wonderful. How about Indigestion Chicken. I would love to make it, but a certain house partner could not make it through the first bite.
Maybe when I get to visit, you will make it for me. Yum!

Mikey is so adorable.

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

That does sound wonderful. My hubby likes spicy stuff so this I'll have to try! Thanks so much for the prayers! We do appreciate all of them!

The Pifer's said...

I found you through April Rose, Im just a blog away ( please know I am here for you...

Praying for your family